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How We Do – Holigood



Social media is now a part of life and somehow we are dependent to keep us in the loop.
With the existence of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. people have easy access to anything they like, be it cooking, surfing, parenting, home decor… you name it.
So, you ask yourself.  Why can’t I self advertise my Timeshare this way.  It sounds easy.  So what’s the issue.

Yes, we agree.  For now.


Would you buy something worth a lot of money from a random person who is a “facebook friend” and hoping to see it at your doorstep once you paid for it or buying from a reputable marketplace like Amazon or Lazada and know that your transaction is secured and guarantee you will get your product?
The online marketplace has grown popular as it has proved its worthiness to its users.  They have secured transaction and you can even trace the whereabouts of the product you ordered.
We are sure that you have googled “timeshare resale” before coming to Holigood and found plenty of timeshare resale companies that offer their services for timeshare resale and timeshare rentals.
You end up paying high registration fees and given a space on their website; together with hundreds other advertisers having the same inventory.  The advertisements are pretty standard, designed by the resale company and the only difference you will see is the asking price for the timeshare.  The buyer will definitely compare and take the lowest price available.  You are left on the shelf as you have asked for a higher price for your timeshare.  You just don’t have control.
What if today, we give you the control.  At the Holigoodie Marketplace, you just need to click and choose that describe your timeshare.  You have the freedom to describe the resort, your personal experience, upload your YouTube Videos of the resorts or its surrounding.  You can even upload your own personal pictures and the best part of it, you get to have direct contact with the interested parties.
The Hooligoodie Market is only for timeshare resale and timeshare rental products.  Hence, those who are coming to the website already knows what they are looking for.  They know it’s a place to get resale timeshare and holiday rentals.  What they are looking now will be the choices available to them and of course what budget they have in mind.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
With the appropriate tool and of course your personality, you can now start selling or renting your timeshare.
Be as creative as possible and post as much pictures, videos and reviews of your timeshare.


People are constantly looking for holidays.
In 2016, 76% of holiday bookings were made through an online portal.  This has increased tremendously since its first started.  People were hesitant at the beginning of online booking, especially paying a big amount online.
Nowadays, you can book anything online. Flight tickets, hotel rooms, groups excursions, you name it.  It’s all online now.  With the help of TripAdvisor, this gives people the chance to know the what-to-do and what-to-avoid and leave reviews for the next person.
People have turned savvy with the gadget and everything is now at the touch of a button.  Even the elderly have to learn to keep up.  Online booking has now stepped up their game to stay competitive.  Some let you choose your budget and notify you when the budget becomes available.  In Indonesia, Traveloka App allows you to change your booking through the App.  You don’t need to go through the hassle of an operator to do this. 
We, at Holigood take this opportunity and goes to where the crowd is.
By using Social Media Platform and Search Engine Optimisation, your timeshare will be sold in no time.

It’s easy and simple. REGISTER NOW


In these times, consumers want to be more involved.  They like to do some homework or due diligence before deciding on anything.  All they need to do is Google.

With this, they get to the source and have direct contact without the middle person.  Same as Online Booking, they go straight to the source instead of a Travel Agent where they know they have to pay extra for the commission.  They like to negotiate or bid to get to the price or term they want.  They like to be more interactive.

The Holigoodie Marketplace makes this is all possible.  It gives the chance for openness for both parties.