I have been holidaying just fine.  So why must I switch and pay more money?  What makes timeshare so special?


Think of timeshare as a long-term investment.  It’s like paying your future holidays now.  By doing this, you are certain that the prices of your next holidays being fixed.  You need not guess how much the hotel stay will cost you the next time.  You can say its inflation-free.


Imagine a holiday home.  What is stopping you from getting that holiday home?  We are sure the answer is COST.  How much do you think a holiday home will cost?  Maybe by the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.  This could be a lifetime saving for some.  But with timeshare, that same holiday home is now affordable as you will only pay a fraction of the cost.


Even if you can afford that holiday home you are not there most of the time.  You may only be there for one season or less and then the rest of the time, it’s unoccupied.  Occupied or not, you still need to maintain the holiday home and this means money.


We have discussed SAVINGS, now let’s talk QUALITY

If you have been doing fine in a cramp hotel room with an extra bed for the children, eating your meal on the bed as there is nowhere else proper to eat, fighting over the TV remote control, having to share bathroom time, the parent with no privacy, then there is no need to look at timeshare.

But what if we tell you for the same price that you are paying, you will get 10 times the quality that you been having?  Will this interest you?

We are sure you have heard of Hotel Suites but the price can be higher than what you have budgeted.

With timeshare accommodation, you will get a common living area, dining area, full kitchen facilities, washing and dryer facilities and private rooms.  It’s just like a home away from home.

Timeshare resorts also feature an array of spending amenities from restaurants, recreation and even spa facilities.  This will be the perfect solution for those family holidays

There are also off-site facilities like sightseeing, watersports, shopping and many more to complete your one-week holiday.

Once you have experience holidaying with a timeshare, you will travel no other way.


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