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What We Do – Holigood


At Holigood, we will show you another world of holidays.  It’s about getting away from your normal routine, have a bit of sun, fun and bring back great memories.  Break away from that holiday habit you’ve been doing.  It’s time to pamper and lavish yourself with great quality accommodation with great value.

Discover another way of how you can have quality and luxury at only a fraction of the price.  Join millions who already have and get your family together for that great holiday.  They deserve it and so do you.

Our website is interactive giving you links or questionnaire where necessary.  You can do this in your own time at the comfort of your home.  No sales pressure, no one rushing you for a decision.

So now, give us your hand. Let us bring you to our Holigood Journey.  In the end if you think this is not for you, no problem.  The least we know, you have learned something new.

So what are you waiting for.  In the French spirit, as they say “ALLER!”



WE ADVERTISE.  Yes, we deal with second hand Timeshare for SALE and RENTAL.

At Holigood we create a platform for both Owners and Buyers to have the best Timeshare deal in the market.  With the Holigood App, you can interact before finalising.  Owners will have their timeshare inventory advertised with Holigood and Partners’ websites.  We also use extensive choices of social media to promote.  Operated by the team at CMNH Asia, we strive to deliver the best to our Owners and Buyers.



To get the best price possible for their timeshare. We have set the industry standard for timeshare resale and timeshare rental on the secondary market.  Our unique Holigoodie Marketplace will allow both owners and buyers to communicate freely.  Our innovative advertising initiatives offer the greatest exposure for your timeshare. Chat with us live and our experienced timeshare consultants will provide you with the best knowledge, support and help.


Buyers are free to browse at their own time with no sales pressure depending on their holiday likings, lifestyle and budget.  The Holigoodie Marketplace offers an extensive selection of timeshares available.  Search for your ideal timeshare from the comfort of your home and up to 70% off the retail price!


You will never holiday the same way again after you have rented with us.  This is a way to test-drive the product first before you make the decision to own one.  By renting, it lets you experience the value and quality of accommodation.  You will be in for a surprise.